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Big WTF?

SNAIX NeuroBike- WTF? I say ..nein!!!!


Summer Fix 2011

Chop ’em Down Films Presents: Summer Fix 2011 from CHOP EM DOWN on Vimeo.

Summer Fix event.

1. Josh Boothby
2. Steven Jensen
3. Joe Mckeag
4. Jake Santos
5. Congo

Shot & Cut by Zane Meyer
Music By So Creates & Sour Beats- Smoke Screen


Michael Chacon freestyling

Michael Chacon X Estevan Oriol X Falken Tire – Taking the Ford Flex to the Westside from Estevan Oriol on Vimeo.

Cool interview with Mike Chacon in Venice, showing off his freestyle riding fixed gear bike. Enjoy…


In Russia photoshoot


in Russia bike rides you

We come to you with another girl on bike shoot.. The inspiration behind this shoot is our one and only lovely Max.. He runs all the behind the scenes and “IT” issues at Urban1cycle.com and well of course we he is from the motherland of Russia.. We have known Cristina for many years now, and she came up with the classic title for this feature “In Russia, bike rides you” being that Max designed his bike with some Russian “flare”.. It’s a SE draft with a upgraded crank, and SE Lager wheels..Please check out our gallery for a full photoshoot set. Enjoy….



SENZA bike lock

Interesting idea for a bike lock from Jaryn Miller.  The Senza system makes a bike completely secure. The whole system is incorporated into the bike itself making it easier to simply grab and go, and also provides safety for quick stops. The hadlebars seperate into three pieces. The central piece remains in place on the frame, while the two removed handles lock together, offering more space, and versitiliy than a standard U-Lock. Furthermore, if a thief were to cut the lock off, it renders the bike virtually unridable, as there are no handle bars. In addition, the lock on the rear of the bike is used to secure the back tire and seat post.


Lafayette Riverside Bike Polo Tournament

In early April, Lafayette, Indiana hosted a polo tournament that attracted teams from all over the midwest. Players from MKE to Lexington jousted and battled during the day long event at a unrivaled polo court. Filmmaker Kevin Daly captured the event and created a definitive video. Polo’s highest quality players in a document that captures the brutality and pleasures of the game.


Le vélo de papi fait de la résistance

Le vélo de papi fait de la résistance TEASER#1 from rvhiolle • lagraph.net on Vimeo.

Here is a nice teaser from rviolle . It is a documentary from Bob White Paris Production company about fixed gear local scene with bike messengers, polo players, freestyle and track racing in Paris.

Can’t wait to see the full movie, awesome preview…


Cupcake Ride II

We’ve posted before about an all girl fixed gear group from Nashville Tennessee called Cupcranks . Well… they are at it again. Cupcake Ride II scheduled for October 7th 2009. Red Bench on 21st. Meet at 4:00, Ride at 4:30. Fore more info click here



My Bridgestone Track Bike-from Naoya Wada


Another bike submission from one of our readers.

Here are the specs:

frame = Bridgestone Track NJS
headset = Hatta NJS
bottom bracket = Sugino 75 NJS
chainring = Sugino 75 47t NJS
cog = Phil Wood 19t
chain = Izumi Track NJS
hubs = Phil Wood 32h High Flange
rims = Velocity Deep V ELVS
saddle = Selle Italia Turbo
stem = Nitto Pearl 8 NJS
seatpost = Nitto 27.0 NJS
handlebars = Nitto B-259AA riser
grips = Oury
pedals = MKS GR-9
toe straps = Toshi Double
tires = Vittoria Rubino (front) Vittoria Randonneur (rear)
etc = MKS chain tensioner NJS

Nice Job


Alexander Lee Chang Resistant Bag..

Check out this sick Alexander Lee Chang Resistant Bag.
Their take on the classic messenger bag. The bag is constructed as well as it is designed with a water proof lining, heavy duty straps & metal buckles.
-Key chain
– Two compartments
– Stainless steel metal buckles
– Hand made in Japan
It’s on the $$$$$ side.. It’s £200.00.. ($330.00) Totally sick bag, but totally expensive.
If your interested in the bag, go to Tokyo Fixed Gear to purchase.

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