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Christmas Eve Hype

Holiday Hype from BODABODANYC on Vimeo.

Nice camera work. Christmas eve in NYC
Music: Public Enemy – Livin’ In The City, Girl Talk – Make Me Wanna, Girl Talk – Let It Out, The Alchemist – Tight


DQM & Outlier ultra light cycling jackets

This is probably one of the lightest cycling jackets ever made, weighting in at  just under 1 ounce. This jacket is a result of collaboration between DQM and New York based clothing label Outlier. You can purchase these jackets at the DQM online store, and they are available in 3 colors for $120.00


Lady’s Army Polo NYC 2010

Arrggh… We missed another good event, but no worries, Hansley got coverage of this event on her Facebook account. Check it out for more pictures


Incase and Chinatown soccer club backpack collaboration.


Here is  new video about INCASE and NYC Chinatown soccer club backpack collaboration. Looks interesting.


Bike messenger vs Mercedes GLK through the streets of NYC..

Found this cool video on It’s of Austin Horse from Brooklyn Machine Works went head to head with a Mercedes GLK to see who could get from Harlem to the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge the quickest. Given the insane day-time traffic in NYC, it’s no surprise who won this race…


Street Art – Inflatable Monsters

I had to post this. This is so awesome… Makes me wish we had subway system here.


Story behind Bedford Avenue controversy


Apparently, the reason why bike lanes were removed by the city on Bedford Avenue NY was that the Hasidim in Williamsburg, Brooklyn began to complain in September about the overly sexy female bikers who use the Bedford Avenue bike lane.

The Bedford Avenue bike lane is a major artery through Brooklyn and to the Williamsburg Bridge, with part of it traversing a neighborhood that is densely Hasid-populated. The men of the Hasidic community has pressured the city to remove the offending corridor, to protect them from the possibility of seeing women ride by in tank tops and shorts and skirts and other shocking states of undress.

Looks like Candy Cranks want to organize a naked ride through that neighborhood.  I say … lets do this!!!


Fonseca’s Trip to NYC

Fonseca’s Trip To NEW YORK from FonsecaFilms on Vimeo.

Some interesting choice of outfit for a nice fixie ride around town. Looks like this trip was a lot of fun.

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Mishka Spetsnaz Mark III Jacket

The fella’s over at Mishka NYC have released a new Spetsnax Mark jacket there third edition. Retail is suppose to be around $210 USD, and your able to pick this up throught there main hub located in the NYC.

When we released the Spetsnaz Mark I jacket, we never thought it would become a stalwart piece amongst the cycling enthusiasts. The combination of functionality and form made the Spetsnaz a popular choice for city riders, couriers and weekend warriors alike. Clean lines, simple design and sturdy construction have made this jacket a perfect shell for any situation. Whether you are bee-lining it through city traffic on a bike or just feel the need to look good, the Spetsnaz Mark III jacket offers a little something for everyone. Currently on it’s third incarnation, the Spetsnaz Mark III features a fully breathable and windproof nylon material which is waterproof up to 10,000 mm of pressure. It also features more streamlined cuts optimized for riding, arm vents just in case you get smelly, and a drop tail to shield your ass from the elements. In short, this jacket could withstand the rigors of riding through a tsunami without compromising looks.

For a very short time, Mishka will offer a 20% discount on said item for anyone who rides their trusty steed to the store.

Mishka 350
350 Broadway
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Photography: Tak Sakamoto


Riding High in the NYC..

Riding High from 13thWitness™ on Vimeo.

Riding High by photographer13thWitness. The video features NYC Bridge Rollers…

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