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Barry McGee Saddle for Cinelli

Cinelli at it again with a new saddle collection of 2011 designed by Barry McGee. It is plastic bodied saddle called Unicanitor 2011 and comes in classic gold black Cinelli colors. You will be able to see this saddle and other limited edition items from Cinelli at EUROBIKE this September.


LexCarbon Monospoke front clincher

This is totally a sick wheel, not sure how sick it is for $1665 though haha.
Cycling technology has advanced so well that it is now possible to create a wheel strong enough to support a person with only one spoke. This here is the LexCarbon Monospoke and according to FGB it costs approximately $1665 for one wheel.
Here is a video of it spinning..

LexCarbon 700c clincher. from Tynan on Vimeo.


Alexander Lee Chang Resistant Bag..

Check out this sick Alexander Lee Chang Resistant Bag.
Their take on the classic messenger bag. The bag is constructed as well as it is designed with a water proof lining, heavy duty straps & metal buckles.
-Key chain
– Two compartments
– Stainless steel metal buckles
– Hand made in Japan
It’s on the $$$$$ side.. It’s £200.00.. ($330.00) Totally sick bag, but totally expensive.
If your interested in the bag, go to Tokyo Fixed Gear to purchase.



DC is proud to introduce the PK Ripper Fixed Gear, the third installment in a series of limited edition bike projects from DC and SE Racing, all designed to embrace the heritage of the brand and the sport. A collector’s item, the PK Ripper Fixed Gear bike production will be limited to only 2,500 bikes worldwide.

The Fixed Gear collaboration mixes a touch of 1970’s bike nostalgia with modern bike performance features. Inspirations for the PK Ripper Fixed Gear bike‘s design aesthetic stem directly from the original DC x SE Racing PK Ripper collaboration. The new fixed gear bike design details are directly inspired from the classic PK Ripper BMX bike, complete with Floval tubing, Landing Gear fork and Looptail rear end. This blend of old school BMX and a modern fixed gear bike not only takes its cues from the PK Ripper BMX construction but also its colorways—Matte Black and Ball Burnished Silver.

DC and SE Racing first joined together in 2007 for their exclusive limited edition project “30 Years of Radness.” The project honored 30-plus years of BMX history, and DC and SE Racing celebrated with a re-release of the PK Ripper bike in its original aesthetic for an exclusive limited edition quantity. In 2008, DC and SE Racing joined forces once again with the release of the DC x SE Racing 24” Quadangle. The Quadangle, or the Quad Looptail as it was known, was a 1980’s freestyle classic, and for the second collaboration DC and SE Racing re-released the BMX bike in for the first time ever, in a 24” version the same classic frame.

The DC PK Ripper Fixed Gear bike’s Matte Black and Ball Burnished Silver colorways will both be limited to only 1,250 each worldwide. The bike will be available for $1,000 at select boutiques and specialty bike shops worldwide.

I personally love the flat black one, it looks totally sick..

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