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Red Bull Ride + Style

San Francisco, CA (April 30, 2011) —On a picture perfect Saturday afternoon, more than 5,000 people headed to San Francisco’s Justin Herman Plaza to watch Red Bull Ride + Style. The event was a collision of fixed gear biking and urban contemporary art, with the competition held on a course featuring artwork created by California artists. Red Bull Ride + Style brought together 60 riders from all over, including riders from the Bay Area, Seattle, Portland, New York and even Japan.

Participating riders competed in one of two categories: track or freestyle. The track competition was along the lines of a traditional race, with two riders going head-to-head and the one with the best time advancing to the next round. The track included a custom art installation by Los Angeles-based artists Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector that served as the starting arch. The competition was fierce on the narrow track, with riders elbowing each other for position, and multiple riders crashing into the guard rails. In the end, there was a final showdown between two Bay Area riders that weren’t even supposed to compete. Jason Clary and Kell McKenzie were both alternates, who were only asked to fill in for dropouts the day before the event. The two friends, who ride together often, put friendship aside for the final race, and Clary was able to edge out McKenzie for the win.
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Driver mows down cyclists

Be warned… graphic video inside. Critical mass event Porto Alegre Braszil cut short when a driver mows down bunch of cyclists on purpose with his car. I hope he gets shot by a cop for that. I don’t care what you think about cyclists but this was uncalled for.


Fixed gear Melbourne clip


Patrick Seabase high speed motorpacing



Beckham on fixed gear

Sighting of Beckham on a fixed gear bike. Another celebrity who embraced fixed gear riding.


Bertelli Track Framesets

New Bertelli track framesets became available for sale at this month . Old School lugged steel frame, real track geometry and very clean: no stickers, no bottle holes, no brake hole, just nice and clean. Price: $549.00 plus shipping…


FUKUOKA Fixed gear

Talking about Mad Skillz ! Watch this guy do some crazy stuff while riding some busy streets. Damn crazy Japanese fixed gear riders…


SSON 028 first fixie

Swedish brand SSON just released new fixed gear bike. No brakes, no gears, short bars and clean frame. Comes in a travel bag/box and two sizes: 54 and 56. Solid built. You can purchase this new bike here.


Fixed gear girls Korea

Here is the proof that fixed gear girls of Korea got mad skills. Check them out here.


Kilroy from Gorilla Bicycles

KILROY from Gorilla Bicycles on Vimeo.

Story behind design of Gorilla fixed gear bicycles.

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