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Big WTF?

SNAIX NeuroBike- WTF? I say ..nein!!!!


Summer Fix 2011

Chop ’em Down Films Presents: Summer Fix 2011 from CHOP EM DOWN on Vimeo.

Summer Fix event.

1. Josh Boothby
2. Steven Jensen
3. Joe Mckeag
4. Jake Santos
5. Congo

Shot & Cut by Zane Meyer
Music By So Creates & Sour Beats- Smoke Screen


Michael Chacon freestyling

Michael Chacon X Estevan Oriol X Falken Tire – Taking the Ford Flex to the Westside from Estevan Oriol on Vimeo.

Cool interview with Mike Chacon in Venice, showing off his freestyle riding fixed gear bike. Enjoy…


SE Bikes video


Twin speed fixed belt driven bike

Interesting setup for a fixed gear bike includes smurf speed drive gear with a timing belt from Gates. This is industrial belt with a bigger sprocket. These belts used for example on Harley Davidson bikes.


Victoria Pendleton super fast lap

A profile of one of the world’s great cycle track riders – who has inspired her, what motivates her – complete with some unique onboard footage of Victoria powering her bike on a flying lap


Vince Felix Us Versus Them

Vince Felix for Us Versus Them Handcrafted Full Grain Leather Bike Pedal Straps from CHOP EM DOWN on Vimeo.

Another great collaboration between Vince Felix and Us Versus Them Clothing Line on his handcrafted leather bike pedal straps. There are only 40 pairs available at Us Versus Them store.


Driver mows down cyclists

Be warned… graphic video inside. Critical mass event Porto Alegre Braszil cut short when a driver mows down bunch of cyclists on purpose with his car. I hope he gets shot by a cop for that. I don’t care what you think about cyclists but this was uncalled for.


Hungary’s Alleycat

Flatland Alleycat Vol. 2. – 2011 – Szeged from Fixeged on Vimeo.

Our friends in Szeged Hungary send us a cool video of a local Flatland Alleycat. Enjoy the video.


Alleycat Nutcracker III Video

Alleycat from Pale Blue Pictures on Vimeo.

Ben Pridgeon shares his interest in cycling and participates in The Nutcracker III alleycat race and scavenger hunt presented by The Skirts in St. Petersburg, FL

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