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in Russia bike rides you

We come to you with another girl on bike shoot.. The inspiration behind this shoot is our one and only lovely Max.. He runs all the behind the scenes and “IT” issues at and well of course we he is from the motherland of Russia.. We have known Cristina for many years now, and she came up with the classic title for this feature “In Russia, bike rides you” being that Max designed his bike with some Russian “flare”.. It’s a SE draft with a upgraded crank, and SE Lager wheels..Please check out our gallery for a full photoshoot set. Enjoy….



Moscow Fixed Gear

Quick little video of fixed gear bike riders in Moscow Russia. Aaaah… brings back memories. Anyway, with┬áRussian┬ádrivers usually not following any road rules, it takes some balls to be a fixie rider or any bike rider on Moscow streets.

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