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New Subway Will Include Bike Lanes

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s pro-bicycle agenda reached a new high water mark today with the announcement that a cyclists-only lane is being added to the long-under-construction Second Avenue Subway. The memo, authored by Deputy Mayor for Communications Howard Wolfson, makes the case that creating the city’s first subterranean bike-lane will reduce bicycle accidents by up to 15 percent, while costing a mere $1.4 billion dollars and delaying the opening of the Second Avenue line by only ten to twenty years… On that note, I would like to move back to NYC. Full article here


Christmas Eve Hype

Holiday Hype from BODABODANYC on Vimeo.

Nice camera work. Christmas eve in NYC
Music: Public Enemy – Livin’ In The City, Girl Talk – Make Me Wanna, Girl Talk – Let It Out, The Alchemist – Tight


1000 Bikes Foundation

The 1000 Bikes Foundation is a not-for-profit organization which is dedicated to putting a bike in the hands of 1000 foster youth and their families in communities across the United States. The 1000 Bikes Foundation is more than just a charity; it is a movement that creates a treadmark in every city it rides through. The 1000 Bikes Foundation was established in April 2010 by Michael Bowers, a New York native who grew up in various foster homes. An avid biker and cycling enthusiast, Mike, or CoolAssMike as he is know in riding circles, had participated in “rides” throughout California, New York and Miami for years. For more info check out their site and Facebook page.


Courier vs Business Man.

So who is at fault here? Hmm … bike rider who was going the wrong way on the road or a business man who wasn’t using crosswalk. You decide…


NYPD cop hit and run with cyclist.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by this. Most cops I’ve seen already treat cyclists like a second class citizens, but at least this cop, after he hit a 61 year old cyclist with his car, gave him a tissues for a broken nose. No police report, no ambulance call, not even a lift to the hospital…By the way,  this cop was going in a wrong direction on a wrong side of the street?


Lady’s Army Polo NYC 2010

Arrggh… We missed another good event, but no worries, Hansley got coverage of this event on her Facebook account. Check it out for more pictures


Incase x Chinatown soccer club video

If you do not know about these guys…. well about time you check them out here and here


Enjoy your Earth Day- NYPD confiscates hundreds of bikes.

Ok, I’m not going to trash Obama or blame him for this type of stupidity, I did vote for him. But what the heck:

Citing security concerns that bikes might be secret pipe bombs, NYPD clipped locks on hundreds of bikes along Houston street in preparation for president Obama speech. No notices were given and no information was given to the crowd on what would happen to those bikes. I’m starting to think NYPD hates bike riders. Was there maybe a better way of approaching this “security” problem?


Critical Mass Bicyclist Assaulted by NYPD

According to a report in the New York Times, a trial is now underway for a NYC police officer who body-checked a cyclist during critical mass in July of 2008.

Patrick Pogan, 24, who has since resigned from the NYPD, stands charged with assault and falsifying documents, after allegedly body-checking a cyclist during critical mass, then signing and submitting a false report of the incident.  A video of the assault, which is shown after the break, surfaced after a tourist uploaded it to YouTube, and it became clear that what Mr. Pogan had written in his report of the incident was a far cry from what actually happened. After an investigation into the matter, the district attorney dropped charges against the cyclist and brought assault charges against Pogan, who had been on the force just 11 days at the time of the incident. He was assigned to desk duty and resigned shortly thereafter.


Bike messenger vs Mercedes GLK through the streets of NYC..

Found this cool video on It’s of Austin Horse from Brooklyn Machine Works went head to head with a Mercedes GLK to see who could get from Harlem to the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge the quickest. Given the insane day-time traffic in NYC, it’s no surprise who won this race…

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