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Big WTF?

SNAIX NeuroBike- WTF? I say ..nein!!!!


Chopper style fixed gear?

I guess this is the next development in the fixed gear bikes. Looks like a German company called riot-cycles makes this custom fixed gear chopper look alike. Here is more on their Facebook.


The ultimate anti-theft padlock

Short tv spot for this awesome bike lock.

Here is full video:

This is the best idea ever. Now, if it exploded when someone tries to steal it, that would be even better. Here is more info on this product, though it is in German.


European Cycle Messenger Championships

One of these days we will make to the ECMC in Berlin.

Here is some background on this event:

“In 1993 the first-ever Cycle Messenger World Championships were held in Berlin, Germany, and with it an international community and new sport emerged.

The Berlin Bike Messenger Association (BBM e.V.)  hosted the 14th-annual European Cycle Messenger Championships over Pentecost weekend  in Berlin.

The ECMC 2009 brought hundreds of professional bike messengers from Europe and beyond together for three days of races and social activities. ECMC celebrated messenger unique profession and attendant lifestyles.”

Here are some pics from ECMC 2009 Event. For more coverage go to







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