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Mk1-John Boultbee Brooks jacket

The BROOKS at it again. We just got a word that Brooks will be releasing soon the very first item under their new label – John Boultbee. The Criterion Mk.1 Jacket is the first in a line of what will soon be regarded as the world’s finest jackets for cycling, carrying the label John Boultbee, not to mention the fact that behind it stands Brooks name, and all which that implies. The outer surface of the John Boultbee Criterion Mk. 1 is Ventile, a waterproof and windproof treated woven cotton textile designed in England during the Second World War for use in pilot’s suits.  Ventile is also popular among birdwatchers and naturalists because is produces almost no noise when in use.  Cyclists entering classrooms, movie theaters, or meetings behind schedule will appreciate this feature. For more info check out Brooks Blog.


Bella Ciao Componenti Speciali Bars

Bella Ciao just launched their Componenti Speciali bars designed for UK market. The bars are made of aluminium 7075 each being meticulously hand polished, resulting in a subtle shine effect surface; very similar to the vintage Cinelli or TTT classic stems and bars. For puchasing and more info click here


Cyglo LED Tires

Here is a new idea of having spinning lights on your bike from Night Bright Tyre. This time its not the wheel but tire itself that has LED lights embedded into the thread or the wall of the tire.


Metropolis Tweed Run

We wrote about this event back in April and here is a video recap of this marvelous event. Nothing like riding in style… I say again and again, we need to do a tweed run here in United States.


Bite Project

Sick custom paint job from Death Spray Custom from London on Racelite Track Bike. Guess they couldn’t stop there and did same paint job on other items like Ducati 1026, hatchet and faces, lol. Paint job inspired by Flying Tigers WWII nose art.


New and improved Create Bikes.


Create a UK bike company released second version of their fixed/single speed bike.  Bikes available in all kind of candy-colored setups just like bikes at Republic Bikes or Urban Outfitters. This second version uses better components and also it is a lot cheaper than their first version of these bikes.  So far online price is 199 UK pounds. New lower price and lots of better components makes this bike a pretty good bargain.


Fixed Gear London

Cool video from first person perspective on a fixed gear bike. Filmed around London on 07/09/2009.
Filmed with Canon HV20, fisheye lens & DIY headgear.

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