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Fort Myers Bear Polo Weekend II

fort myers bear polo 2

Time again for Fort Myers Bear Polo 2


Friday, May 13, 2011 – Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fort Myers Bike Polo presents FORT MYERS BEAR POLO 2
A bike awareness weekend May 13th-15th 2011

Friday :
Cool Hand Luc’s 2040 Collier Ave.
7 Mile casual ride escorted by Fort Myers Police Department
Formal Dance Party/Crowning of King & Queen

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Lafayette Riverside Bike Polo Tournament

In early April, Lafayette, Indiana hosted a polo tournament that attracted teams from all over the midwest. Players from MKE to Lexington jousted and battled during the day long event at a unrivaled polo court. Filmmaker Kevin Daly captured the event and created a definitive video. Polo’s highest quality players in a document that captures the brutality and pleasures of the game.


2011 Saint Pete Bike Polo

Another cold winter in Saint Petersburg Florida but it doesn’t stop bike polo. Click here to see late evening bike polo coverage.


Bike polo team arrested

We had to post this. Unbelievable… Via link

Above: A mug shot from the arrest.

During a Sunday pick-up game, ten members and one spectator of the Milwaukee Bike Polo Club were arrested and charged with “trespassing a dwelling” at the O’Donnell parking structure in downtown Milwaukee. Below is a first hand account:

An unmarked Buick Century approached with three undercover sheriff’s deputies.  The officers sprung out of the car and instantly shouted “every one come here and against the wall”.  They count us out eleven then proceeded to note, “I thought there were 12” (Lodi had snuck out 5 mins before the bust).  The officer then told us that we were under arrest and would be receiving trespassing tickets for $263 each.  We tried to talk our way out of the situation but that lasted about 30 seconds. One by one we gave our information and received a ticket.  We were then told by one of the officers that we were being detained but no is under arrest, specifically he said “if you are asked by a cop or employer have you ever been arrested say no”. We were then zipped tied and the officers explained that we would be going downtown to be processed and released and that it should not take too long, that essentially “it’s just like a speeding ticket”. This led to confusion for us since when you get a speeding ticket, you don’t usually go to jail, right?

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Polo in St.Pete..

We had a chance to meet up and shoot some bike polo matches out @ the Woodlawn Park in St.Pete.. it was a good turn out of players and had a blast. Here is the coverage, they play every weds night around 7pm if you wanna join!


Here is a google map for WoodLawn Park:

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King of Evil Alleycat this weekend!


$8 to race — includes a free shirt for the first 50 to register!

Noon- Bike Polo Crescent Lake Tennis Courts

4:30 p.m.- Registration (North side of the park-Dock next to the playground)

6:00 p.m.- Manifests

6:30 p.m.- Start
Helmets and lights are strongly suggested (race will be ending after dusk)
Post race party with a yet-to-be-named super-secret DJ

Huffy Toss
Mad Max Footdown
Beer chug no-spill footdown (+21)
Bike tug-o-war

Beer for those 21 and up (bring your ID!)

Parking along Crescent Lake Drive and 5th St. N. on either side of the park. The finish/afterparty will be a short bike ride from the park.

Sponsors to include:

Northeast Cycles
66 Fixed
Wolf Baggage
Tampa Bay Bike Co-op Cycle De Solei
The Finest Skateshop (St. Petersburg)
The HorroH LTD.

Beer provided by:
Erie Brewing Co.


Rocky Mountain Bike Polo Open


Rocky Mountain Bike Polo Open
Saturday July 18th
Open Invitational Bike Polo Tournament
Denver, Colorado
Registration At 11am, Games Start At Noon
Goldsprints Afterparty

Teams of 3
Individual Players Welcome to Join Mixed Teams Day Of Tournament
Registration $5/person $15/team
Pre-Register yourself or your team at with credit/debit/paypal
Pre-Order T-shirts will be available on CogNation website starting July 1st and day of tournament – $10/shirt

Email Adam at for more info

Hosted by CogNation and Denver Mallet Mafia

Sponsored by:
-Milwaukee Bicycle
-Urban Velo
-Solder Gal
-One Fixed
-All Custom Apparel
-Trackstar NYC
-Egrem Clothing Trend

Loads of Free Stuff!



Bike polo has been around for awhile and definitely in the fixed gear scene.. mainly played on tennis courts.. Here is a how to making a bike polo mallet.. thanks to London Bike Polo site..
Build a polo mallet

HOW TO: Build a bike polo mallet

How you build your bike polo mallet is totally up to you. There are many ways to make one, with new ways evolving often. Tink in DC has a Flickr set with his how to. There is a Boise blog with a how to called “Mallet making 101“. I have a method that works well for me, here it is.

With a few basic tools you can build a bike polo mallet of your own. Sometimes finding materials is more difficult than construction.

Items you will need:
Ski poles. Usually found at thrift stores. Only use Aluminum poles, also look for ones straight and longer than 46″ uncut.

*Don’t use the white PVC found in hardware stores, it breaks easily.*

One type, as seen below, tested and well liked by many NYC players can be ordered by the foot from (Must enter part number 8705k18)

One bolt and nut. (1/4″-20 is used in photo)
A plug or cap for the ski pole
A roll of hockey tape for the grip.

Tools you will need:
A hacksaw
A power drill
A few drill bits, 1/2″, 9/16″ & 5/8″ spade bits and a 15/64″ twist bit to drill hole for 1/4″ bolt
An adjustable wrench

1. Remove the molded plastic hand grip from ski pole. This can be tough, try holding it upside-down with the grip between your feet. Pull on the ski pole and try to kick the grip off by pushing it away from you. Never cut the top of a ski pole because you want to only cut the tapered end.
2. From the top, measure the desired length for the mallet and cut the tapered end of the ski pole.

3. Cut the plastic pipe to the width desired, 6 inches is good.
4. Mark where the hole will be for the ski pole to fit into the mallet head. It is best to make the hole in the middle of the mallet head.
5. Now measure the diameter of the ski pole at the end. Most of the time the spade bit size will be 1/2″, 9/16″, or 5/8″. Remember, you want a tight fit so don’t drill the hole too large.

6. Some options when drilling the mallet head are to only drill a hole in the top,

drill a hole in top and bottom, or to drill a hole in top and a partial hole on the inside of the bottom. With the third method, the partial hole acts as a “cup” for the end of the ski pole to “sit” in. This adds stability, but eliminates the chance of the ski pole sticking out the bottom of the mallet head. Using a spade bit gets a good “cup” effect when drilling.

7. Insert the ski pole into the mallet head.

8. Before you drill a hole for the bolt that will hold the two together, make sure the bit is long enough to go all the way through the mallet head.

And when you drill be sure to go through the ski pole too.

Also, using a drill bit 1/64 of an inch smaller than the bolt will give you a tight fit. After you make the hole you will need to thread the bolt through.

9. After the bolt is installed, tighten the nut enough to slightly distort the plastic, this will keep the nut from vibrating loose.
10. Cut off the exposed threads with the hacksaw.

11. Plug the grip end of the mallet.
Some handlebar plugs work or you could tape a nickel or penny over the end.

12. Wrap the top 10 inches or so with hockey tape. Or, for more grip, unroll about 2 1/2 feet of tape and twist it into a tight “bead” and then spiral wrap down and back up.

Next give it a good flat wrap to cover the “bead” and some extra at the top to secure the plug and make the top comfortable in the palm.

Now it should look like a polo mallet.

Thanks to and London Bike Polo

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