What are the best snacks to pack on a cycle ride?

What are the best snacks to pack on a cycle ride?

As you are well aware, cycling is a physically demanding sport which requires stamina and determination. This means that it is important to keep your energy levels up if you want to maintain a good cycling speed. Pasta is great for fuelling energy, but it is very inconvenient to carry around in your rucksack. A pasta pot will be heavy and bulky, which might weigh you down and decrease your cycling speed. This is why we have put together a list of high energy foods which are compact and light, making them perfect for slipping into your bag.

Even if you have a padded bag, it is worth leaving anything valuable or breakable at home. For example, it is much safer to leave your expensive smartphone at home and bring an old cell phone with you instead. You may not be able to go online to look up your route on Google Maps, play a game of partypoker or login to Facebook during your pit stops, but it means you won’t have to worry about protecting your rucksack as much. Let’s take a look at some lightweight snacks you could pack for your cycle trip.

A small bag of dried mango or apricot provides one of your five-a-day, as well as fruit sugars which will give you plenty of energy. This healthy and light snack is perfect for slipping into your bag.

Dried banana chips are also a great source of energy and potassium. Bananas release their energy slowly, meaning it will keep you fuller and more energized for longer.

Cereal bars with a dried yoghurt topping contain essential carbohydrates which help to provide long lasting energy. In addition, the sugary topping will give you an instant energy boost until the long lasting carbohydrates kick in.