Communist fun coverage

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The Burg Alley Kat and Trick Komp last weekend.


1st place and aways the # 1 hater – Mike Weimar
2nd place (and technically best young rider but we gave it to Tyler cause you got 2nd) – Klaus Gopfert
3rd place – Todd Frain
4th place and 1st place out of towner – Conner Wolfe
5th place and good comrade award – Garret Pless
6th place and 1st place female – Kristin Johnson – side note: she was pulled over by the police, held up for 10 minutes and still finished in the top 10. Thats boss status.
7th place and Ol’ number 07 award – TIII
8th place – Matthew D.
9th place – Brain O’Conner
10th place – Adam Vacha
11th place – John Ellington
12th place and best young rider (under 21) – Tyler Deline
13th place and 2nd place female – Erica Edmonson
14th place – Adam Deprimo – hope i spelled that right
15th place – Andrew Davis
16th place – Andrew Jones
17th place – Zac Marks
18th place – Tyler Thureson
19th place – Badda Skat
20th place – Ryan Vaughan
21st place – Brandon Bartle
22nd place and 3rd place female – Cynthia Kapcio
23rd place – Ashlie Taylor
24th place – Mike Brinkman
25th place – Katelyn Thureson
26th place – Angela Galecki
27th place – Quinton Hampton
28th place – Jeff Holister
29th place and WTF Bike award – Andrew Pual
30th place – Allison Tiberia
31th place and Dead Fucking Last – Jenn Belcher

Trick Comp:
1st place – Andrew V.
2nd place – Miles M.
3rd place – Ronny

Happiest Volunteer – Desiree’ Ugosmith
Hardship Prize – Dylan Felix
Bike Throw and obviously most pent up rage – Jimmy “your fuckin done” Maskiewicz
Foot down – Andrew V.
Tug-o-war – Justin Ammons