Another cyclist fallen

The cycling community had a devastating tragedy on Friday, 17 December 2010. On an overnight ride around the island of Oahu with 30-40 other cyclists, Zachary Manago, was killed by a hit-and-run driver at 11:10pm. Though he only began riding this year, Zach was extremely enthusiastic about cycling and had a great positive attitude and a smile that was contagious. In memory of Zach, the weekly Tuesday Night Ride on the 21st was dedicated to him.. aptly renaming it ZNR or Zachary Night Ride. Over 90 people showed up on bicycles to ride the weekly route that he was so enthusiastic about attending every week. On the 23rd, a ghostbike was implemented at the scene of the accident.

Because it was a hit-and-run, the driver of the vehicle was not identified. Friends cycling with Zach recalled seeing a white SUV or pickup truck that they suspected was the vehicle involved in the crash. A few bike friends took the initiative to search for the vehicle in the area. One thing about living on an island: vehicles and people can’t hide for too long. By an amazing stroke of luck, friends located the vehicle in a covered carpark with evidence of the crash still intact on the SUV. For more info click here.