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Limited Edition Bruiser

Another MISHKA collaboration. This time it is with Milwaukee Bicycle Company. The final product was available for viewing at Interbike 2010. So far not much info available on this bike but we do know  that it will be limited edition Bruiser line.


How to: armored messenger bag

Folks at Instructables posted an interesting article on how to make an armored messenger bag. Hmm … this will be good when you are bike riding in Beirut I guess. Still, it is an interesting concept and it is pretty easy to make. I do wonder though, how heavy the final product would be.


MASH Vegas Drag Race

MASH Vegas Drag Race from MASH TRANSIT PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.


Ube’s Icecream Shop

Check out Ube’s Icecream Shop where creativity is of the utmost importance. This guy can do magic with paint and works closely with his clients to achieve that unique look. He can do  anything from just stripping paint to a full paint service on your bike or any part out there. While you browse through his website, checkout something called Kendama.


Bike Shelf

This is probably one of the coolest ideas we’ve seen. I love this a lot better than leaning my bikes against the wall or having that big huge metal bike rack. Very simple but looks awesome and has a dual use without taking up too much space. This shelf was created by Knife & Saw founder Chris Brigham. Check out his site for ordering and other cool stuff he created.


Ralph Lauren and Affinity Custom Fixed Gear Bike

You know fixed gear is mainstream when famous designer like Ralph Lauren collaborates on a custom fixed gear build with Affinity Cycles. You got to admit though that this bike looks sweet…


FISH&CHIPS on tour summer 2010

FISH&CHIPS on tour summer `10 from chinkeyviz on Vimeo.


2010 Bicycle Bash

It is this time again for Tampa Bay annual Bicycle Bash Event.  This time it will be held in Tampa at Flatwoods County Park in Hillsborough County on Nov. 7, the first Sunday. SWFBUD (South West Florida Bicycle United Dealers) will be partnering with Hillsborough County for this year’s Bicycle Bash, as Hillsborough County will serve as a co-sponsor. It was lots of fun last year and it looks like it will be even bigger this year. See you all there…


Beckham on fixed gear

Sighting of Beckham on a fixed gear bike. Another celebrity who embraced fixed gear riding.


Obelisk made from bicycles

Here is “Cyclisk” built by Northern California artists Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector out of 340 bicycles and one tricycle.

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