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River Rat Alley Cat 2

That time again for River Rat Alley Cat on September 11th at Fort Lauderdale.


Barry McGee Saddle for Cinelli

Cinelli at it again with a new saddle collection of 2011 designed by Barry McGee. It is plastic bodied saddle called Unicanitor 2011 and comes in classic gold black Cinelli colors. You will be able to see this saddle and other limited edition items from Cinelli at EUROBIKE this September.


The Future is here.

Leave it to Jay Leno to find something new and weird. Here is a hybrid electric bike which goes up to 62Mph, that’s right, 62Mph…not bad for a bicycle. The name of this beast is Black Trail BT-01 and it sells for only $80,000.00 For more info or if you decide to buy this bike check their site.


Plush Sculptures

Check out these cool felt replicas… that’s right felt. These cool sculptures are made by Mashanda Scott. He replicates common household objects out of thick faux suede material.


Mai Hiro x REIGN present We Make it Reign 8/29

Here to announce that our friends over at Mai Hiro are teaming up with Reign in Orlando to host there first show.. It’s definitely  going to be a hot show.. a must for anyone in around Florida.. We will have the custom bike that Nakanari of Mai Hiro designed at the show..  Check out the flyer and see everyone there!


Courier vs Business Man.

So who is at fault here? Hmm … bike rider who was going the wrong way on the road or a business man who wasn’t using crosswalk. You decide…


Hurley X LDG Collaboration

This bike is the first of the five bikes to be released and raffled off at the US Open of Surfing at Huntington Beach, CA this weekend. These bikes are the result collaboration between Hurley and Livery Design Gruppe. For more info check them out here.


Bicycle Film Festival Trailer

Bicycle Film Festival was started in 2001, now 10 years later BFF is held in 37 cities worldwide.


NYPD cop hit and run with cyclist.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by this. Most cops I’ve seen already treat cyclists like a second class citizens, but at least this cop, after he hit a 61 year old cyclist with his car, gave him a tissues for a broken nose. No police report, no ambulance call, not even a lift to the hospital…By the way,  this cop was going in a wrong direction on a wrong side of the street?


Oakley Jawbone Sunglasses

These HALO look a likes specially created by Oakley in a custom green matte finish  featuring VR50 lenses. Only 30 of these bad boys being issued for Freedom Transport. All we need now is the rest of the HALO suit…

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