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Tour De Dank 3 Coverage

Please visit 66Fixed for the full coverage of the Tour De Dank 3.


Snoop Dogg to Armstrong.

Translation: Snoop Dogg wishes luck to Lance Armstrong for his tour…


Krabo Low-Pro custom bike

Here is an interesting custom bike from Germany. This bike was based on Krabo frame from the 90’s track bike used in German Championships. Front wheel – 26 “Hed.3 Clincher and Rear wheel – 28 “32 hole Velocity Deep-V with Miche hub Pistard. For a small sum of about 1,700.00 US dollars it could be yours.


The Road to Fast Friday

Revealing the strongest cyclist from around the world Miami July 10th.


T-0001 Rotafixer tool

Union Foundry T-0001 Roto-Fix Tool from Paper Fortress on Vimeo.

Guys at Union Foundry came up with a neat little tool that will save you your time and your knuckles.  T0001 eliminates the need to carry a lockring wrench and chainwhip in your tool bag. Using a simple rotafixing technique, this tool allows for effortless removal and installation of lockrings using nothing more than your bicycle chain. The proprietary eccentric cutout allows for the tool to accommodate all popular lockring sizes, from the small Sugino type to oversized Profile type.  For more info check out their site and for about $80.00 you can buy it here.


Le Tour De Dank 3

Le Tour De Dank 3 this Saturday June 26th 2010. For more info go to : and facebook event. All bicycles welcome, mustache contest.


Puma new bike site

Puma launched their new website to sell their new line up of urban bikes for the summer of 2010. Their line consists of anything from folding bikes to a single speed/fixed gear bikes under the “FUNK” name. So for around $800.00 you can rock a Puma bike…


New Messenger Cap

New Era Japan released new messenger style caps made out of fleece with a toggle elastic closure. Available in three colors.


Rat Race 3

Return of the RAT RACE on July 3rd 2010 Orlando Florida fixed gear only!!!


Nike Livestrong Collection

Another shoe from Nike for their Livestrong Collection. It is Classic style canvas shoe with time tested styling and comfort. As you know 100% of Nike profits from the Livestrong Collection go to Armstrong Foundation to fight cancer. These shoes available at the FinishLine Store.

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