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Bay of Beards Alley Cat May 1st

Its a short notice but if you got nothing else to do this weekend, come to Clearwater for a  race with a cause.

Registration 12:30, Race 1:30, $5.00 fee.


Moscow Fixed Gear

Quick little video of fixed gear bike riders in Moscow Russia. Aaaah… brings back memories. Anyway, with Russian drivers usually not following any road rules, it takes some balls to be a fixie rider or any bike rider on Moscow streets.


We want to know..


We have been in the market for a helmet.. We wanna know what our readers use and prefer.. Post what you use..


Incase x Chinatown soccer club video

If you do not know about these guys…. well about time you check them out here and here


SSON 028 first fixie

Swedish brand SSON just released new fixed gear bike. No brakes, no gears, short bars and clean frame. Comes in a travel bag/box and two sizes: 54 and 56. Solid built. You can purchase this new bike here.


Kim and her MaiHiro custom bike..

We got time to meet up with Kim and her one off MaiHiro designed Se Draft that we featured last week to snap some shots.. Def a sick bike and we are glad we had the chance to work with Nakanari of MaiHiro and Velocity..
Update: click here for a full gallery!


Fixed Fight 4 Coverage

Another weekend and another fun event in Saint Petersburg Florida. It was a big turnout for Fixed Fight 4 this Saturday at the cafe Bohemia. We were not able to make but thanks to Nick we got pictures of this event. Click here for more pictures


Enjoy your Earth Day- NYPD confiscates hundreds of bikes.

Ok, I’m not going to trash Obama or blame him for this type of stupidity, I did vote for him. But what the heck:

Citing security concerns that bikes might be secret pipe bombs, NYPD clipped locks on hundreds of bikes along Houston street in preparation for president Obama speech. No notices were given and no information was given to the crowd on what would happen to those bikes. I’m starting to think NYPD hates bike riders. Was there maybe a better way of approaching this “security” problem?


Street Rods

Check out these new screw in handle bars from FOES Racing. A little bit too narrow for my taste but I guess once unscrewed these handle bars can double as a weapon. Come to think of it, I can just throw my bike at whoever messes with me and with those machined  and pointy handles it will sure as heck to pierce them all the way through.


Cop vs bicyclist: Get into the bike lane.

Interesting video of a cop ticketing bicyclist for blocking a road. First, he tries to get all the bikes to ride in a bike lane, which by law they didn’t have to. Once that fails, he pulls the camera guy over and gives him a ticket. So who is at fault here?

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