Sorry for the Delay! We have been super busy behind the scene’s doing some work.. check out the results and 2nd part of the coverage will be up soon!


1.Ben Pridgeon
2.Elizabth (1st lady)
3.Jake Hill
4.Sean Lynch
5.Eric Zugor (1st out of towner)
6.Jonathan Rodriguez (2nd out of towner)
7.Stu Giesecke
8.Jason Bergwall
9.Chuck Gracan
10.Clinton Hamilton
11.Carol Davis ( 2nd lady)
12.Julian Grimes
13.Nick Abrami
14.Ivan Castillo
16.Todd West
17.Frankie! (most intimate kiss w MIke Barry)
18.Chris Gee
19.Ryan McGibbeny
20.Jessie Wildman
21.Chase Diamond
22.Reece Ramsey
23.Scott Tilbury
24.Cynthia Kapcia
25.Britt Gomez
26.Brandon Cravei
27.Brandon Godwin
28.Danny Infante
29.Trey Tomlinson
30.Tyler Deline
31.Drew Black
32.Dana Putney
33.Klaus Göpfert
34.Brad Thompson
35.William Long
36.Josh Wilson (D.F.L and got owned by a car!)

TANDEM BIKE!-Bobby Farris and Mitch Northrup