The OX: concept bike


Another bike that caught our attention at an InterBike show was Asian inspired: The OX from Independent Fabrication. I think this is probably one of the best looking bikes out there. Unfortunately upon further inquires we found out that this is only a concept bike and not a full production bike. Too bad… though would be interesting to see somebody else repeating this color scheme on their fixie.


  • Fixed integrated seatmast with built in Eriksen binder (not available for sale)
  • Steel Aero tubeset (not available for sale)
  • Ultra-reverse sloped top tube (miter angle of 66.6 degrees on both ends)
  • Polished stainless steel dropout faces
  • Painted carbon saddle
  • Painted Cane Creek Endurance 85 rear wheel
  • Painted Cane Creek Endurance 50 front wheel

TrueTemper aero tubeset…. Burlyass steel.

The integrated seatmast and the aero shaped tubing are currently not available for sale.