Black Mass III Coverage..


The masses came out for Black Mass III @ Northeast cycles in St.pete, Florida. Around 100 racers showed up on a cool evening to take part in Black Mass III.. a race in which took them all corners of st.pete that ended up being roughly a 20mile race.. If you knew where you were going. People came far away as fort lauderdale and jacksonville in which the race ended at Frankies garage for good time and some pabst blue ribbon.. Jarred took home a free set of wheels with his amazing spider/luchador halloween outfit, thanks to the guys over at Northeast Cycles.. Check out the ton of coverage we have of the race Here..

The results are:

1. Jake Hill (first and first fixed)
2. Tom Hendry (first geared)
3. Michael Davis (second fixed)
4. Kyle Noonan
5. Ben Pridgeon
6. Tyler Crawford
7. Paul Kavan
8. Scott Graham
9. Robin Kavan (first female)
10. Brian McGuire
11. Darrien Messenkopf
12. Ethan Kaiser
13. Jasper Montgomery (first out-of-town JAX)
14. Bailey Anders
15. Cody Williams
16. Raven
17. Justin
18. Jenny K (second female)
19. Ivan Castillo
20. Michael Alexis
21. Chris Valee
22. Dylan Felix
23. Austin
24. James Barnes
25. Mondo Mike Hall
26. Mark Jacobs
27. Justin Ahern
28. Terrance Walz
29. Nate
30. Raffi Alvarez
31. Chase Diamond
32. Grace Braccio
33. Ian Ayotte
34. James Zambon
35. Andres Torres
36. Nick Jov
37. Sonnny Kennedy
38. Zeegerman
39. Carl Grainger
40. Jarred Bourgholtzer
41. Tom Dicks
42. Matt Dank
43. Seth Brandenburg
44. David Herres
45. Nigel Pelligree
46. TIII (rode on a freakbike with a 8ft or so fork!)
47. Julian
48. Jesse Herndon
49. Sierra Brown
50. EZA
51. Britt Gomez
52. Chardonnay Singleton
53. Amada Perez
54. Chris Wilfong
55. Mike Cook
56. Mike M.
57. Peter Gilchriest
58. Jesse Wildman
59. Chris Gee
60. Joshua Agnew
61. James Hafley
62. Mark Tanner
63. Ryan McGibbeny