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Le vélo de papi fait de la résistance

Le vélo de papi fait de la résistance TEASER#1 from rvhiolle • on Vimeo.

Here is a nice teaser from rviolle . It is a documentary from Bob White Paris Production company about fixed gear local scene with bike messengers, polo players, freestyle and track racing in Paris.

Can’t wait to see the full movie, awesome preview…


From Mini Cooper to a bicycle?


Well… looks like everybody now jumping on a cool bike bandwagon nowadays.  As of October 2009, Cooper cars company (that’s right, same company that gave us mini cooper), launched a new bicycle division and introduced their new bike lineup from T100 to T200 bike collections. New bikes will be available in January of 2010 and will feature aggressive track design. For more info check out the cooperbike site


Fyxation urban line new products release.


Fyxation debuted its urban line of fixed-gear components at Interbike 2009, including its US$49 Session 700 tires, saddles, and pedals.  New Session 700 tires are available in green, black, orange, white and pink, blue, red, black and brown.  Inspired by 20″ freestyle tires, these skins are designed for the urban rider that demands traction, puncture resistance and unbeatable performance. Also, all Fyxation saddles are color matched to the tires. Saddles themselves are based on 70’s and 80’s design and built with riveted leather uppers and with an anatomic cutaway underneath to relieve undercarriage pressure. In addition to Fyxation display, Hold Fast FRS displayed their foot retention system straps, made in Brooklyn New York. For more info check out their sites: Fyxation and Hold Fast FRS


Rachael and her Motobicane Messenger..


Urban1Cycle met up with Rachael and her Motobicane Messenger..
To see more of her shoot.. go to Rachael’s Gallery


Sacramento police targets fixed gear riders


Seems like in Sacramento police been actively enforcing no brakes law for the last 6 months. The district attorney’s office says they’ve seized 18 bikes for “evidence” and 19 for “safekeeping” in 2009. Sacramento’s lead bike cop, Sgt. David Valdez, however, says the city is just enforcing California law, which states: “No person shall operate a bicycle on a roadway unless it is equipped with a brake.” Valdez argues that fixed-gear bicyclists riding without hand brakes are breaking this law. Both the city police and district attorney’s office do not consider legs as a braking mechanism… which is funny,  since hand brake can not operate without human muscle. So what is the difference between braking with your hand muscles or your leg muscles? For more on this story check out this article.


Bike tools you can’t leave home without.


If you ride a lot then you know that it is always smart to carry bike tools with you just in case. I finally got tired o carrying multiple wrenches and pliers “just in case” , so lately I’ve been looking for a way to have all the necessary tools with me without the weight of a toolbox in my bag.  Now I do believe I  found a perfect combo for every bike rider out there.

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Shanghai Alleycat event


If you live in China and love fixies, or any bike,  well there is a big event coming up in Shanghai. Thanks to Tyler from People’s Bike we got the following info:

“The time has come for Shanghai to rise up and host an Alleycat Race . . And that time is NOW ! People’s Bike is proud to present the 1st ever Shanghai Alleycat Race !!

As with any race, the Shanghai Alleycat wants to promote a fun and competitive opportunity for cyclists throughout China and neighboring countries to come together.  Previous Alleycat races have had a strong fixed gear presence, but the Shanghai Alleycat Race will break those barriers and invite anyone with a bike and an interest to join the race.”

The Race and Prizes:

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Nashville fixie girls


We finally got pics from Cupcranks of their two rides ” Free Cupcakes” and “Where The Wild Things Ride” .  These rides look like were lots of fun…

For more info and pics go to our Nashville fixie girls gallery and don’t forget to check out their site here and here


All Florida Bike Polo Championship

all floriduhhh

Saturday, December 5, 2009Sunday, December 6, 2009


Holiday Park

1200 G. Martin Harold Dr. Courts are in the middle of the park.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 33304

United States

See map: Google Maps

The time has come Floridians….

December 5th & 6th
Holiday Park – Ft. Lauderdale

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A Day in the Life of…

Found this awesome video today check it out and enjoy!

Here is a  link to his Vimeo account… Slandro Champions

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