Brooklyn Machine Works cycling caps

Brooklyn Machine Works got a new batch of cycling hats made.

Here some info via BMW:

“As the summer winds down, each month we’ll be offering a small run of softgoods and accessories until next season’s full line release. For fall, we’re finally releasing the first cycling cap since last year’s Crooklyn, the simple Logo hat, available in Black and Brown.

We had them made with a 100% cotton four-panel dome with a stretchy, but sweat-wicking inner liner. This year we have a custom mini visor made from plastic (not fiberboard, like some others) to keep everything long lasting and stink free for years and years of wear. They’re just enough to keep the sun out of your eyes and won’t flop around in the wind or under a helmet. It’s a lot of work to put into a little hat, but we’re into the details.”

Hats run about 20 bucks.