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FTL FAST RIDE 10/16/09

The ride starts @ The Bicycle Spot
and Ends @
The Race begins @ Gady’s Bar


Cupcake Ride II

We’ve posted before about an all girl fixed gear group from Nashville Tennessee called Cupcranks . Well… they are at it again. Cupcake Ride II scheduled for October 7th 2009. Red Bench on 21st. Meet at 4:00, Ride at 4:30. Fore more info click here



Mishka Spetsnaz Mark III Jacket

The fella’s over at Mishka NYC have released a new Spetsnax Mark jacket there third edition. Retail is suppose to be around $210 USD, and your able to pick this up throught there main hub located in the NYC.

When we released the Spetsnaz Mark I jacket, we never thought it would become a stalwart piece amongst the cycling enthusiasts. The combination of functionality and form made the Spetsnaz a popular choice for city riders, couriers and weekend warriors alike. Clean lines, simple design and sturdy construction have made this jacket a perfect shell for any situation. Whether you are bee-lining it through city traffic on a bike or just feel the need to look good, the Spetsnaz Mark III jacket offers a little something for everyone. Currently on it’s third incarnation, the Spetsnaz Mark III features a fully breathable and windproof nylon material which is waterproof up to 10,000 mm of pressure. It also features more streamlined cuts optimized for riding, arm vents just in case you get smelly, and a drop tail to shield your ass from the elements. In short, this jacket could withstand the rigors of riding through a tsunami without compromising looks.

For a very short time, Mishka will offer a 20% discount on said item for anyone who rides their trusty steed to the store.

Mishka 350
350 Broadway
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Photography: Tak Sakamoto


Riding High in the NYC..

Riding High from 13thWitness™ on Vimeo.

Riding High by photographer13thWitness. The video features NYC Bridge Rollers…


Fixed gear/single speed chicks from all around the world

Thank you to everyone for their pics submissions. We got a nice collection going from all around the world.

Here are some samples of fixie/single speed chicks from all around the world:






For more pictures please click here to go to our gallery.

And since we talking about girls from around the world, here is some old school video for the background music.Enjoy

P.S. Keep those pictures coming, just use contact us button.


Urban1Cycle <3's our fan's...

Here is Rahja.. Rahja comes from the rocky mountain state of Colorado, she has been with urban1cycle from the beginning. She wanted to share with us a sneak peek of a photoshoot she did with Cosmic Motion Studios, which will be out next year in a coffee table book about fixed gear.. We can’t wait to see the finished copy and we want a copy!


Mash x Cinelli 2010 Colab Preview..

The dynamic duo of MashSF and Cinelli teamed up again to create another sick bike for the 2010 year.. Here is a sneak peek of what is to come..
Benny Gold designed the sticker layout and colors to represent the MashSF lighting bolt, Cinelli will be releasing a traditional color option along with the green and white..


One man’s trash…

Is another man’s treasure.

We love the fact that this rider found this frame in a trash and converted to a perfectly functioning single speed bike. Not only this bike is functioning but it is a damn good looking also.

Call it what you want: going green, recycling… etc, but this is how street fixed gear/single speed cycling started. You take an old frame and convert it to a kick ass street bike. No need to spend thousands of dollars on a brand new shiny bike.

Here is some info from Cody, rider who put together this bike:

“I have a single speed road bike, frame is by Mohawk. I originally found this bike in the trash, I’ve put some Alex DA28 Rims and Vittoria Rando’s and a San Marco Rolls saddle, everything else is original. I live in Cape Coral, Florida. Just thought I would show you guys what I’m working on.”  Our hats go off to you Cody for a job well done. Let us know if you do any other mods on this bike.

Here are some pics for you to enjoy:





2009 Bicycle Bash by the Bay


The Bicycle Bash is designed as a populist, mainstream bicycle event that is
offering an official invite to bicyclists of all stripes — bike commuters and
roadies; mountain bikers and single-speeders; fat-tire cruisers and recumbent
cyclists. Urban1cycle will be there October 11th to check this event out. Hope to see you all there. Here are some pics of the previous year event.






Cinelli Mystic Rats

Finally available in the United States, this complete bike offers ample versatility. Mystic Rats hails from Cinelli’s Bootleg series of urban bikes. Columbus custom aluminum tubing and Columbus custom carbon fork are heart of this machine.  This bike comes with brakes but with simple flip of the rear wheel you can turn this bike into a full fixie ride.  For more info try this link . Here are some pics of a full white version.







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