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2010 Masi Coltello..

Here’s a shot of the brand new 2010 Masi Coltello, I love the new color for the bike, can’t wait to see them out on the street.
Hopefully spec’s and price will follow soon!




Uraban1cycle is stoked to be able to cover this event.. We have heard soo much about it and seen years past about the event, and can’t wait to join in on this exciting race. It’s a 24hr relay race through the streets of Atlanta.. see you guys there!!

For more info on the race and event’s planned.. click link below..



Jean made for the Fixed Gear Rider

Osloh just release jeans just for the fixed gear scene. They are the spoke denim jean. No more rubber bands around the ankle or rolling up the jeans. They come with two velcro straps on the back so when your riding you just tighten them so your jeans wont get caught in the chain..
Here are some specs on the jeans and the price tag for them..
Sizes: 30, 32, 34, 36, 38” waist with 32” inseam

Colors: 1: Black

Fabric: 11 oz. Premium stretch high ridge twill 98%cotton, 2% spandex.
Coated with water repellant resin and anti-bacterial finish.
Fit: Slim, relaxed, comfort fit with a low front waistband, and higher back waistband.
Relaxed through the hip and thighs, slim at knee and straight to bottom hem opening.
* Double logo shank waistband closure
* Shank button fly
* Adjustable waistband snaps
* Slanted front pockets with double coin pockets
* Internal poly sueded chamois seat lining in signature purple color
* Linier quilted seat reinforcement
* Internal poly stretch pocketing, and pocket lining in signature purple color with logo seal print on wearers right front pocket
* Internal hidden stash key pocket
* Side cell pocket with snap flap
* Snap Flapped, zippered, reinforced and lined back pockets
* Discrete tonal signature “Wheel” deco-stitch embroidery on back right and cell pocket
* Reinforced u-lock strap above back left pocket
* Linier quilted chain-side leg reinforce ment
* Double snap leg adjustment straps on chain side leg

They come with a retail price of $129. Check them out at


Chrome Online Store is Open for Business..

Chrome has offically open there online store.. Now your able to purchase directly from them all there sick bags, there new shoes they just released and more.. go check them out.


Trek District Fixed Gear- Carbon

Yum.. Trek has released the District bike this time in Carbon… The District bike, is a different approach to the fixed gear scene. They tossed out the old chain and using a belt.. The other model’s of the District line are pretty hot which include a orange color way, but the carbon model is completely sick. With the sickness comes a fairly large price tag which is $3,359.99. Check it out and let us know what your thinking..




Fixie Chicks

What more can I say that hasn’t already been said in the title. It’s a video full of chicks and their fixed gear bicycles accompanied by good music.


Dutch answer to urban cycling…

In our search for cool and new bike designs, we found a young Dutch company that just came out with a new simple bike design. They call it Vanmoof.

Here is some info via :

We are a young ambitious Dutch company that originated out of love for bicycles and hunger for change. At VANMOOF we pursue only one goal: help the ambitious city dweller worldwide move around town fast, easy and in style. We stripped the traditional Dutch bike from redundant hoo-ha that can only break or frustrate and added innovation instead.





We love this slick European design


Velocity’s B43’s are the bomb!

Urban1cycle got our hand’s on a set of Velocity B43’s, and totally fell in love with them. With the deep 43mm triple walled rim it make’s the Deep V look like child’s play. To some the B-43’s are too deep, to others its perfection.. The big question that was up in the air was how the wheel would perform with brakes. On my Se Lager I use a front brake on my single speed setup.. thus making people question the performance of the wheel with the brake.

After dropping the wheels off @ 66Fixed in St.pete, Fl. Micheal tuned up the brakes, making sure the toe in is perfect on the wheel is very important to make the braking the best it can be. Over time yes the color will probably wear down, but if your interested in a deep high quality wheel, the B43 is the way to go..
Here are some specs of the Velocity B43:
The B43 AKA the Brisbane43, at 43mm deep, triple walled, and in drillings up to a 48h the B43 is the ultimate rim for tricking, and bike polo. If you’re looking for stiffness, rigidness, pure strength, and the bling that goes with it, roll these on your whip.

Colors: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Elec. Blue, Popsicle Purple, Gold, Orange, Lime Green, Ti Grey, Bright Silver, Pink, Olive Mist, Midnight Blue, Sid Blue, Celeste, Anti-Freeze, Frost Blue, Teal, Bronze

Drillings: 24, 28, 32h, 36h, 48h Most colors only available in 32h drillings call for details.

Bead seat diameter 622
Weight 770g ERD =552
*** Most colors only offered in a 32h drilling.
perfect size
perfect size

If you want to check out more of Velocity’s sick wheel’s hit up their site


2010 Giant Seek S

Here are pics of 2010 Giant Seek S by one of our fans “Rapidride”  from Brisbane:

“It’s my new Giant Seek S. We have a ton of great cycling paths around Brisbane and this bike is just the thing! It is a 2010 model and has an eccentric bottom bracket, discs and over size head stock. Great fun!”

Simple and clean and lots of fun.

Giant Seek 1

Giant Seek 2

Giant Seek 3


Camper bike

So what happens when all the fixed gear bike riders get old and retire in Florida? They buy a camper bike:

Artist  Kevin Cyyr built this pedal-powered camper for one in april 2008. the camper sits on a modified bike
frame with two back wheel and one up front. the rider sits on the bike and can pedal around, moving the
camper from place to place. inside the camper features all the amenities needed in a small and compact
envelope via





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